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February 1, 2022

5 Interior Design Trends of 2022!

I hope the New Year is going well for you. It’s been a bit of a strange beginning with COVID still with us. I’d rather hoped it would be gone by now.

Last week an add for a lighting company caught my eye – “The 5 Trends of 2022”. Most of you who know me and have worked with me know that I’m not so inspired by trends. I love design that spans the test of time. Yet I found some totally classic ideas that I always like in the 5 trends, so I thought I’d share them. 

#1 – Curves

From architectural design to furniture, square and rigid is out and curvy is in.

I like to think of this as shapes that are organic in nature.

After spending so much time at home over the holidays I’m afraid this might apply to my shape as well!

#2 – Plant Life

I have convinced many a reluctant plant mother to love and take care of their plants. Plants add so much to a room – oxygen, green, something alive!

Adding plants to an interior is called Biophilic design. Green continues to be a trendy color, although I think green and plants have always been in style.

Now I know some of you already think of yourselves as plant killers. (You know who you are.) But just keep telling yourself YES, I CAN keep a plant alive! And if it dies, I’ll get a new one.

# 3 – Textural

Texture is always a great addition to a room. It adds depth and personality.

Think a nubby carpet or fabric, jute, a large knit soft throw. It contributes to the cozy factor.

#4 – Pearl – Essence 

I do like iridescent accents, but I also would say add something reflective. It brings a room to life. In my new room I brought out some sterling silver that I had in a storage cabinet. It makes me happy to finally use it. It does need to be shined up occasionally, but it adds life to the room.

#5 – Something Unexpected or Luxurious

I think all rooms should have a sense of humor. Art is probably the easiest way to accomplish this. Pets are also a good source of fun. They do unexpected things and make us laugh. If you can’t think of anything, to have fun with, check in on your own sense of humor. It might need some work.

So, are these really 2022 trends? To me, they’re just good ideas. The trick is knowing when, where and how to use them! If you need help, click here to schedule time to chat!

All the Best,


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