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November 24, 2014

Bedrooms Are Important! (8 Tips for Kids and Adults for a Blissful Night’s Sleep)

Bedrooms are important – we spenMel & Izzy Sleepingd over half of our lives in them. The bed is the basis for rest, health and relationships.

1. The headboard of a bed should ideally be on the North-facing wall of the bedroom. The bed itself should have fresh energy (a bed from a previous marriage that didn’t end well should not be used). The bed should allow plenty of room to stretch out and sleep. This allows physical and emotional growth (think literally). Bunk beds are not good for most children (nothing should be hanging over your head). Regular beds are much better! If you
have a slanted ceiling or sleep over a garage this too can be a problem.

2. NO electronics in the bedroom. This means no computers, televisions or phones etc. If you have a large television, try to have it in a cabinet with doors that can cover it.

3. No mirrors. Mirrors create energy which is not conducive to sleep.

4. No fans directly over the bed. They cut energy and can create a feeling of chaos.

5. Try to avoid beams as well. Their heaviness can feel menacing.

6. The bed should have a view of the door, but should never go directly opposite the door to the room. This is basic. It helps one feel in control of their environment. For a child, this will create a feeling of safety and independence – always a good thing.

7. Too much clutter in a room can be a problem. Clutter is a burden and will not foster sleep, creativity or recharging. Even a child can feel this. Keep toys to a minimum. Keep the space under the bed clear. Adults- resist the urge to turn the bedroom into a laundry staging area. The overwhelm it creates will not only affect your relationship but also your ability to truly rest.

8. Pay attention to Feng Shui placement.
The Bagua is a Feng Shui map. It depicts 8 important areas of life, and they lay out in a grid-like pattern that can be overlaid onto the whole house or any space in the house. There is an area in the Bagua called “Children and Creativity”. This area is located in the middle left area of the room as viewed from the entrance. It can be enhanced as a study area or an area where a child can develop his or her own creations. It is also a powerful spot to place the bed. It can give a child strength, energy and intelligence. For adults, placing the bed in the back of the home on the upper right side is putting it squarely in the Love and Relationships Gua. This is ideal. If you don’t have this option, try enhancing the upper right side of your room to create the intention of a good relationship. If you’re not in a relationship and want to be in one, make sure you have pairs of meaningful things in this area – two night stands, two lamps, etc.! This is inviting and opens you up to the possibility of two people! (I hope this is an easy concept for you to understand.)

Remember – in Feng Shui it’s all about intention, energy or Chi’ flow and creating balance.

A bedroom should be all about having a place to recharge and reconnect with ourselves for the next day, feeling strong and creative and ready to face another day.

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