Design Process

Phase One:

  • Discovery: During the Discovery phase, I listen attentively to your needs and together we brainstorms ideas. By understanding your values and lifestyle, I am able to envision a space that aligns with you and where you are in life today.
  • Initial Design: Next we discuss your existing or planned architecture, and plans for the space layout. I will focus on understanding the space, developing a design concept, and ensuring your involvement and satisfaction through effective communication and collaboration. Feedback from you is a vital component at this stage of the project.
  • Specification: The stage of your design project encompasses various crucial elements. It includes the creation of detailed floor plans, which outline the layout and organization of the space. I will pay special attention to floor plans, elevations, finish schedules, lighting design, and tile layouts to ensure precise implementation and guide the construction and execution of the design project.

Phase Two:

  • Project Implementation: We will now begin facilitating the procurement of items required for your project. This involves sourcing and acquiring furniture, fixtures, materials, and accessories, ensuring they align with the design specifications and your preferences. We will also coordinate with vendors or contractors involved in the project, overseeing their work, and ensuring smooth execution of the design plan.  

Phase Three:

  • Turn Key Delivery: 
    We now move into the fun task of selecting and incorporating accessories into the space. I will carefully execute the overall installation, ensuring that all elements are in place, and adds the final touches and styling, paying attention to every detail to create a cohesive and polished look. And finally, the highly anticipated final reveal!

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