March 21, 2022

Designing the Entry

Designing the Entry – The Welcome To Your Home

It’s getting to be that season when we have wild temperature swings. Everything’s melting. Buds are budding and mud is mudding. Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to what I call Mud Season! Everything’s dirty and wet.

If you’re lucky enough to have a mud room, congratulations. At least you have a way of keeping all the footprints and paw prints at bay.

I live in an old house with 4 dogs and a husband. There’s no mud room. At one point I had the color of my Mexican tile floor lightened so I wouldn’t have to see every muddy paw print that came in the door to my kitchen.

A floor that matches mud does work. But if you have the choice to have a well-designed entry. Go for it!

Here are some recommendations:

First think about all your needs for this space. It must welcome you and your family and have a place to store everything you need for the weather or function at hand. I find that living in the Northeast requires me to switch out hats, coats, gloves, etc. for the season. So, in Summer I move all my summer necessities into my closet and move the winter items to my storage bin.

This gives me the opportunity to go through everything and toss or donate anything we’re not using. This happens regularly at my home because I have limited space.

Always think dedicated storage solutions and organization!

For instance: If you are a home that requires shoes removed, have bins that can accommodate the function. Each family member should have their own bin.

If you are lucky enough to have the space, each family member should have their own space or bin for everything that they might need for the season.

All sporting equipment should be stored in the garage.


The floor should not be slippery, be easily cleaned and made from something that will age gracefully.

I like tile for its durability. Just make sure it’s a color that doesn’t show mud.

Porcelain tile with a pattern is also good.

Wood can scratch and for the most part does not age gracefully.


I love a good entry rug. Check out Ruggables – attractive carpets that can be washed. I also love the look of a recessed coir mat in the floor if this is a new build or renovation.  This works well in a tile floor.

I’ve had puppies that love to swing mats around as a fun thing to do, so I need something that they can’t make a game out of. The Hammacher Schlemmer entry mats come in a variety of sizes and colors fit that bill.

Protect the walls:

With all the activity happening in the space make sure your walls are protected from scuffs. V groove paneling is always an attractive solution. Painted drywall does not wear well. If you must paint use an eggshell finish. It’s wipeable.

Wall space:

Think vertical! Add hooks wherever possible and at many different heights so that anyone can access them. Use open and closed storage. Free standing cabinetry can work well.

I also think a mirror is helpful to check that hairdo or hat before you leave the house.

Finally…I like a chair or at least someplace to sit down and take off or put on shoes or boots. The one leg balance can be challenging especially when attempting boots. It’s also fatiguing and reminds you that you should be working out more.

Always keep in mind, even though this space is utilitarian it can be organized and attractive. It is the welcome to your home.

All the best, Courtenay

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