April 9, 2020

Face To Face With Your Space

I’m currently sitting in the attic. I’m trying to write something that feels remotely relevant about design. Furniture doesn’t seem so important now but having some office space to myself does. This is my first pandemic. It’s the end of the first week of April 2020.  My husband is loving that I finally moved (my office) up to the attic. I’ve shared an office with him for years. What’s changed in the past weeks is that we’re both working from home full time. 

I have to say our joint office was mine first.

Then came the Zoom conferencing. My husband’s booming voice, and me literally having to crawl in and out of the office to not be seen on his video meetings. I decided to give up the fight. It was time to gather computer, candles, plants and travel north. 

The attic was always supposed to be my office. In 2011 we renovated a dark cluttered space to include skylightsclosets and of course a desk with my drafting tableI know it sounds like a no-brainer moving to the third floor. But I was resistant to moving all my stuff to the third floor. Interior design stuff is heavy. My color bag must weigh 10 pounds. Dare I say I might have been stubborn? 

In the last few weeks, I’ve been able to do yoga, kick boxing foam rolling and thanks to “One Drive” get my work done. I even have a vacuum cleaner. I must admit, I’m kind of loving it up here. And I’m grateful to have the space.

Working from home can be an adjustment. Just getting to a place where you feel mentally that you can concentrate is a challenge these days, let alone finding a physical space within your existing home that allows you to focus and do your work. This isn’t the Spring any of us thought we were going to have, but somehow, I find myself appreciating my home in a much deeper way. 

 I love my attic. 



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Face To Face With Your Space

Face To Face With Your Space