March 20, 2013

Feels like home

Feels Like Home

There is this feeling I get when I step into my home after I’ve been away. It happens
the minute I cross the threshold – a feeling of relief that I’m finally home; that
my home is still there. I feel like if it could talk it would be saying “Welcome
home…I missed you!” Sometimes when I return it feels a little smaller inside, but
mostly it feels good to be safe inside these familiar stone walls.

There is a dialogue going on between me and my home. Coming back from time away, I
tend to look at my surroundings with fresh eyes. Understanding more every day
that I am what I see inside these walls. I’m constantly looking for things to
edit out…the things that aren’t me anymore. The longer early Spring days also
help me see what’s around me more clearly. Even though I’m itching to get outside,
I don’t think it hurts to take a moment to appreciate the inside.

When you enter your home today, how do you feel? Energized? Glad to be there? Paralyzed by all the stuff? Where is there clutter? Is it blocking your entry? Your thoughts? How is it getting in your way?

Try thinking about something you love about your home. Then think about something
you hate about it.  What you hate is likely
what you fear you might become – old, outdated, left behind.

What is your favorite time of day in your home? What is your favorite spot to relax?
What would you love to change? Any regrets about your home? Are there any
unfinished projects in your mind or right in front of you?

Make your home your vision board. It’s your mirror. It is a reflection of you. All
too often, it is a reflection of who you once were, not who you are now or where
you see yourself going.

Life happens and our vision expands. This is a good thing! So really take it all in.
This is you. This is your life. Your home is an active part of who you are becoming.

Mostly, be grateful to your home for the shelter and safety it provides you.

It’s never finished.





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