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July 25, 2022

Money, Money, Money and Interior Design

Money. The elephant in the room?

I go back and forth in my brain about taking on this topic. We all have so many pre-conceived notions about it. The early messages we got from our parents… ”Money doesn’t grow on trees.”, “Money isn’t something that should be discussed.”, “It’s bad manners to ask how much something costs.” Money is private.

Have you ever looked closely at your own money beliefs? Do you love money or hate it? Does it make you uncomfortable? Excited? Confused? What do you think of when you think about money?

You may be wondering what money has to do with Interior Design.

If you pick up the phone to call an interior designer, you’re acknowledging that your home is important to you and that you need some help. You know that it takes someone with expertise in how to pull it all together to make you love your space whether it’s brand new or someplace you’ve lived forever. In other words, you’re ready to make an investment in someone to help you with all the choices and overwhelm that come with pulling together your home. You understand that they have a skill you don’t possess and you’re willing to pay for it. This service is something you value. It can be a major short-term investment, but there’s a big long-term return on that investment. You will be enjoying that space long after the project is completed. Mistakes are expensive. Getting it done the right way is worth the investment in working with someone who has experience.

This is your home. We spend much more time in our homes than in our cars – but most people spend more on their cars!

Money will be involved and discussed when you do a design project. The best outcomes happen when the client knows what investment they are willing to make and lets the designer know. Money should not be the elephant in the room.

Design is a process with many moving parts. Your designer is providing a service and a road map to a successful outcome. This process is the most fun and done best when it’s collaborative, when communication is honest, and when money is discussed.

I learn by listening carefully to a client describe how they want to live. Then I work very hard to bring that vision to life.

Guiding someone to create a home they love is an intimate process. A designer does something so personal for people. It involves their money, their family, how they live, or how they wish to live at this stage in their lives. This relationship can be scary at first; the trust develops over time.

I’m here for you if you’re interested in quality and a road map to creating a comfortable, beautiful home.

At the end of the day, I provide a service.

Money will be discussed.

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