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January 16, 2023

Pulling Together A Renovation Project

Why Hire An Interior Designer? How Hard Could This Be?

This is the year. Why should we wait any longer? We’re not getting any younger.

Why would I need an Interior Designer? It’s just some furniture, colors, pillows, flooring, window treatments, lighting, what else???

I’m thinking we’ll knock out a wall and expand the kitchen. I’ve always wanted to update our Master Bath. I’ve got so many renovation ideas!

I just need to find a few contractors – pick out a few things. How hard could this be?

Trust me – It can really be hard!

When you step back and realize that something isn’t working, and this is a lot more complicated than you imagined, it may start to dawn on you. Maybe one or more of the elements you’ve chosen just don’t work. Or something that has been left out of the total picture of your design. Or the flooring you wanted is on back-order; or it arrives in the wrong color. Or trying to pull together the contractors. So many schedules, egos and personalities!

Pulling it all together can be enormously difficult. Difficult enough to keep many otherwise sane people up at night worrying. And spending more than they ever imagined.

Mistakes are expensive!

Renovation comes with so many questions. Financially, physically, and mentally.

And it takes lots of your time – more than you imagined.

The truth is that like any creative art form there is a set of skills required to pull together and successfully implement a home renovation project. I have these skills and the vision necessary to make it happen. And I love doing it. Not only will I design a beautiful project; I’ll be the bridge, the organizer and the manager to make it easy on you and ensure success.

I’ll be the person that keeps the project running smoothly. The person that holds the grand scheme and keeps the overall vision in mind.

In a renovation project contractors tend to go technical. I translate. Keep the interactions clear and non-emotional. This is helpful especially if something unexpected occurs. Which can happen. My team of contractors are all good problem solvers, and together we can usually come up with solutions.

After the renovation is complete, I’ll also pull together the final touches. And because I developed and shared with you a road map complete with all the important ingredients to end up with a successful project, you’ll know when it’s finished to both our satisfaction.

Ready to get started? I can help! Click HERE to schedule your free Discovery Call.

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