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September 25, 2023

That Bittersweet Time of Year – What’s Next?

I’m always so reluctant to let go of summer.

I do love the cooler mornings and the fall recipes I start thinking about doing. (Or getting my husband to make.)

This summer was a strange one. Between the heat and the wildfires, it seemed like it was over way too fast and just started getting pleasant around the end of August.

For me it’s a time when I review all the things in my office, and home and start editing. In a way, this time of year feels much more like a new year than January does! Maybe it’s the “back-to- school” reflex.

Time to revisit all chores and decisions put on hold.

I keep a basket for donations in my guestroom that seems to fill up each season.

I’m tackling books next. This is something I really enjoy doing. It creates space for what’s next in my life. It also makes dusting easier!

Holding onto clutter or things that no longer serve you is not a good way to live.

If you have a home office, clearing away clutter is a game- changer. I also recommend making sure your desk is facing the door; never facing a wall. If facing a wall is your only alternative, place a mirror on that wall so you can see the entrance to your room. It will make a big difference to your productivity. It won’t make you feel like you’ve been placed in a timeout at school.

So what’s next? Back inside to your wonderful home.

If it doesn’t feel so wonderful, call me!

Welcome to Fall! ~ Courtenay

Here’s an appropriate farewell to summer song from my Live At Don’t Tell Mama album. It’s called “The Summer Knows”. Enjoy!

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