March 1, 2019

“The Finishing Touch”

The new carpet has been rolled out, walls painted, and new furniture is in place. Why doesn’t the room feel finished?

Because it isn’t!

Adding character and depth to a room are the finishing touches to a beautiful interior. They’re the things that make the room interesting; the things that make the room uniquely yours, that draw you into the space and make you want to use it.

What every room needs are decorative accessories. Since you’ll be dusting them every week, the trick is finding the right ones that speak to you. To me, less is more, but placing a few items I love can make a room feel good and generally contribute to the surroundings.

Here are some of my top go-to decorative accessories:

Pillows and Throws

I begin every project with a color scheme. I try to collect fabric along the way for pillows that serve as accents to the furniture. How many pillows? There can be too many. Depending on sofa size, somewhere between 2 and 5 pillows should do the trick. You can also vary and mix pillow sizes.

I love a throw. It signals a time to sit down and read or relax and be warm – all good things.

Sculptural Elements

By this I mean candlesticks, lacquered boxes, vases, bowls, etc. The key is arranging them in an attractive fashion with lots of space around them. Clutter is not sculptural or attractive.

Trays, Poofs and stools

Trays are a great way to incorporate form and function.

They create a place to collect your things. If your things are collected (hopefully there aren’t too many things) it’s much easier to dust them.

I love a good poof or stool for extra seating wherever you might need it. And they’re easy to move!


Look for books that are beautiful and interesting to you. Plus, it’s important to actually know what the book is about. I like to arrange them in a short stack for visual interest. This detail starts to make the interior uniquely yours. (If you hate books I would not go in this direction.)

Bring the outdoors inside

This is one of my favorite ways to accessorize.  A living green plant goes with everything and a large palm or fern contributes oxygen to a room. I have found this can instantly make a room feel better. If you’re not great with plants, know that a plant does not have to live forever. If your first try dies, just go out and find a replacement. You will eventually learn to be aware of the living things around you – which can be helpful on so many levels. 😊

Finally, don’t be afraid of tweaking. This is a process.


Less is more.

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