November 12, 2019

The Wall Behind The Painting

Art can be the best thing to bring a room to life. The subject of the painting, a great frame, architecture of the room, and furnishings are all important. You may think that the wall behind the art is not so important…think again.

The right backdrop makes a big difference! It’s just as important as the frame you’ve selected. If you’re successful with the backdrop, your frame and wall should disappear!

The painting will be comfortable in its surroundings and will be the focus of your attention.

Consider the whole room
What kind of light (natural and artificial) does the room get?
What mood do you want to create?
What about furnishings, flooring, architectural details?
Choose a wall color that minimizes any element that distracts from your art.
The intensity of the color is much more important than the actual color.
The goal is to create a balance among all these factors.

Art Style
Don’t try to match the piece to the wall.
You’re trying to really see the piece, not distract from it.
Use a shade that reflects the era of the artwork…. For example:
Contemporary art with lots of bold colors might do well with white.
Consider deeper richer shades for more period pieces.
Benjamin Moore’s 2019 color of the year “Metropolitan” can be a great neutral backdrop for landscapes and portraits.

What about the Wall Finish?
I prefer a flat finish. It’s the least reflective and the easiest to touch up if you decide to move a painting. And it’s great for watercolors and oil paintings.

That said, a highly reflective wall can be a great backdrop for strong or graphic pieces. A high gloss wall is also good for creating a dramatic room. NOTE: The walls must be flawless to pull off this finish.

Remember – The idea is for your wall to be the backdrop.

Single Color?
Painting the walls and trim the same color can make your paintings pop.

My advice
Always try to keep it simple! Most times neutral works best.

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